About Us/Give Back

December 18th, 2021 

I received a public comment the other day about our mission which is to provide comfort, quality + affordability with patterns that make families SMILE.  She thought that was irony marketing since you can't see your beautiful faces in a face mask.  I respect all opinions but I couldn't disagree more.

You see, we believe happiness starts on the INSIDE.

We all so have so much in common-every single one of us has been impacted over the last 21 months. Never has looking after yourself, your family + being kind been so important. 

For many reasons helping to eliminate the shame + stigma surrounding Mental Health is important to us. You see, addiction + Mental Illness runs in our family. So does silence + shame. Ryan + I both, at different times in our life, have struggled with anxiety + depression.  In 2012, we lost a much loved member of our family when our brother/uncle lost his battle with alcoholism/anxiety/depression when he took his own life. He was only 39. 

We have committed to donating a portion of all sales of our face masks to Mental Health Organizations across Canada.  Your support has been a part of making this possible.

That should make all of us SMILE. 

We will be here for as long as you need us.

Happy Holidays + a wonderful New Year, 
Jodee + Ryan
(mom/son team)